Acqua Filette Summary

Acqua Filette has very low sodium levels, 3.6mg and no arsenic levels.

A study published in 2012 certified the almost total absence of nitrates in Acqua Filette; drinking a water with a nitrate-content of just 0,3 mg/l means drinking an almost pure water which makes AcquaFilette the perfect accompaniment to the finest food and wine. Bottled and distributed since 1894, Acqua Filette was awarded in that same year at an international exhibition on Medicine in Rome. In 1933 it was awarded at the Tripoli International Fair.

Acqua Filette soon became famous as a healthy and curative water. Acqua Filette is one of the purest waters available, challenging the biggest brands Globally. Refer to comparison chart Glass Bottle exclusive to on Premise

Glass Collection

Acqua Filette comes available in three different kinds to suit everybody’s fancy: “Naturalmente naturale” (Naturally Still), “Delicatamente frizzante” (Gently Sparkling) and “Decisamente frizzante” (Very Sparkling), being the perfect partner to the best wines.
The bottle has luxurious and elegant shapes: the classic Bordeaux bottle is wrapped in a champagne satin label with an “F” made of silver foil. The non-returnable glass and a cap save Acqua Filette from pollution, ensuring the highest quality.

PET Collection

Acqua Filette comes also available in handy silhouette PET bottles. PET range available at selected Foodland stores throughout South Australia.